Friday, December 9, 2016

Kriegsmarine Squadron

 I got these a while ago and they've already seen action but I wanted to get them painted. I decided to paint them all in the same basic camouflage pattern but with some small differences.
The pattern I am using.  Taken form 

 A Bismark Class battle ship leads the way.  For big ships I also have two Scharnhorst class battle ships the second ship has the red brown paint I have seen in some images so I can tell the ships apart at a glance.
 Side view of the Bismark
 Side view of the Scharnhost ships
Smaller ships I have a Hipper Class heavy cruiser and a Duetschland class "Pocket Battle ship"
The Hippers always look like scaled down version of the Bismark that's one reason I put the red on here turrets to help keep people from confusing them.  I also like the way it looks.
The Deutshlands are a strange ships.  The two turret configuration is a little odd they have tremendous punch but a glass jaw.  In most of the rules I have seen the Hippers are actually more damage resistant.  This is an odd little mix of ships but with it you can do most of the surface actions the Germans took part in during World War II.  At some point I will need to get some Destroyers to escort them but for now my US or Japanese destroyers can substitute for Germans if I really need them.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

My Naval Disaster in Maine

Saturday I was up in Brunswick Maine with my wife and got a "hall pass" for a few hours to meet up with the Maine Historical Wargamers Association for their game day.  I found my self in a game of Trafalgar commanding the  Bellerophon and Polyphemus which are to the right of the main battle line.
You can see the Spanish and French ships and their admirals behind them.  Their mission is to get off table to the far left.
The main British fleet is planning to cut across the front of the allied fleet.  My force is to flank them and harass them forcing them to split fire.  The wind is behind the English fleet meaning that to reach me the Allies will have to risk going into irons.
Part of the force is trying to do just that and two ships get badly tangled and one of them is in Irons.  I am unfortunately just beyond the range.
By turn 3 I would be in perfect position to start dealing damage but for fluke of the weather table that sends in thick fog... the French ships are just beyond the range of our guns.  
A massive Spanish ship looms out of the fog and rakes the Bellerophon smashing it with a single triple shotted broad side.
Polyphemus is now entangled with French ship my broadside fails to do serious damage
Another collision occurs as more French ships loom out of the fog. This time I was able to land a good hit shooting of the rudder of a french ship
The fog still hangs the rest of the British line slipping past in importance worse still the wind shifts so it is now behind the French...
Polyphemus badly battered slips off too damaged to help much in the fight.  My hall pass is expiring at this point and I had to leave. Things look really good for the French.   The fog ruined a pretty good plan had it not been for the fog I would have gotten off at least one broadside from each ship without the enemy (who were double shotted and limited in range) being able to reply.  Also with out the Fog the British line would have been in a good position to deal out damage with out the Double shotted French responding.  The Weather God was clearly a Frenchman on this day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Russians are Back..

Thousands of hits from Russia over the last few days.  Oddly they don't seem to becoming from a single website source as was the case last time. I would love to think I am inspiring a enthusiasm for War Gaming in Russia but I have serious doubts about that.

Friday, December 2, 2016

En Guarde! North Africa

Last night John and met at the Hobby Bunker to introduce him to En Garde! John was running a force of saga "Berbers"  I used a Janissary list to build his force.  I didn't have any fire arms but it had lots of javelins a number of good fighters.  My force is half the size of Johns made up of Spanish conquistadors. We are defending an old roman ruin.  
John's Sipahis come running up.  I took a quick shot at them but missed.
Then John's men came slipping in front... with infantry coming in behind them.
I got a shot on the Sipahis' leader scoring a light wound on him...
John's cavalry circles around and I have a couple of men moving to block them...
Shots ring out I land some hits but only inflict a few light wounds.  John is showering me with Javelins. My men's armor and cover keep most of the damage down.
My men just make it to the gap in time... as
The cavalry rushes in... The fighting is fierce  I do some damage but my officer is hurt and his companion is wounded.    The next turn my leader goes down though he did inflict serous wounds to two of the cavalry men.
Back Clad Berbers and yellow clad Janissary soldiers storm my position...  
My long shot to kill the enemy officer misses...
Berber troops swarm in, several go down to Spanish swords, pikes and Musket butts.  The Berbers in their turn kill the Spaniards its a slow hacking fight on both sides as both of us are well armored but in the end the Spanish fall one by one. I failed to do enough damage to the Berbers on the way in with my muskets.  This was due to a combination of bad rolls and good armor on the other side.  It was still and interesting and enjoyable game despite a fairly poor showing (I only killed 4 of Johns men, though many were injured by the end).

Test Pikeman

As I mentioned in a previous post I am trying out a new primer and wanted to see how it worked before the challenge gets going just to make sure it took paint the way I wanted it too and looked right.
I think things came out well so I have a much cheaper new primer (Valspar if your curious) and bunch of figures ready roll when the challenge gets going.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Terrain Work in progress

Not much new painting because I am working on some X-mass gifts. 
With encouragement form some of my readers this project is a restarted
Its starting to come together though you can see pieces keep falling out.. hopefully I will be able to get them settled down.
Now its a matter of working out the roof.
The tower is also coming along coming along
You can see how it stacks up and I am working on putting on a top of some sort.

Secret Santa

So I think this is my Secret Santa Gift.  I haven't ordered any thing from Annie, AKA Dice Bag Lady. I've sent an email to Cathy to be sure after opening last years gift early.