Wednesday, October 26, 2016

All the Hidalgos

"Captain" Diego Alatriste y Tenorio  I wanted to gather the images of all the members of Alatriste's war band (so far) in one place. 
Saramacho El Portuque
Bartolo Cagafeugo
Sebastien Capones I have used both of these figures for Sebastien, I'll have to settle on one someday. 
"El Bravo"

Monday, October 24, 2016

Red Horse Tavern 2016

Saturday was the battle of Red Horse Tavern an annual event hosted by my friends in the Sudbury Company of Minute and militia at the Wayside in in Sudbury MA .  As I was an active participant I was't able to get many pictures. Above you have my section 8 soldiers from the 4th Middlesex and the Lincoln Minutemen. Was acting as Sargent.  The First Scenario was a holding action by the Americans if we could keep the British from crossing form on field to another we would win.  My buddy Dana Rock was in over all command and sent us forward aggressively.

The aggressive approach worked as a unit of American Light infantry took the Crown's gun and an isolated company of Redcoats formed square for a desperate last stand.  
Smiles all around from my company.
Our Second battle we were the attacker but first we had a bit of standing around... When things got going it was less well coordinated. My small group got split up by our commander and though we tried we never were able to coordinate our movements.  These things happen on the battle field.
After the second battle we had lunch then the sky opened up with torrential rain (though nothing compared to Friday night).   Every Officer and NCO immediately order the men back into the large wedding ten were lunch had been served and then began a quick look at the 21st century technology. We concluded that if we waited 20 to 30 minutes things would probably clear up and they did so the 3rd battle was just delayed a little.
For the 3rd action I was demoted to corporal in order to give one of the Lincoln guys a chance to command.  The third action was a meeting engagement slug fest in full line of battle (this was the battle that was promoted to the public though we had spectators for all three).  Lots of powder was burned on both sides.  Here you can see His Majesty's  10th Foot still in good order if a little ragged most of the other Crown units were down by this time.
The Americans have greater numbers at the tend but as you can see our formations are shot to pieces Dana an Paul had the battle called a draw at this point and both sides backed away from each other... to rally at the Inn for Drinks, discussion and frivolity. The Party was still going strong (among those who live near the inn or are too young to care)  when I headed home three and half hours latter(or there about).  You can see more pictures and even some videos of the action on the 4th Middlesex/85eme Regiment Saintonge Facebook page

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Girl with a gun (and a doll)

This little lady came with the young fellow I gave to my Nephew as a gift for taking part in my wedding. She's actually be almost done for weeks now
I still need to do some finishing on the base but the figure it self is done.  I don't know what I will do with her.  I'm very happy with her hair and face.  The contrast between the pistol in one hand and the dolly in the other is interesting. The girl could be seen as some commentary about clinging to innocence in a savage world. That's probably putting a lot of meaning on a miniature. 
Rear view not a lot of details here other than the bow. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Defense of Convoy PQ-187

 In honor or Trafalgar Day Frank put together a Naval action some where in the dark cold waters of the Norwegian Sea.  Storms and Icebergs limit visibility for both sides, rules are GQ3.
  A British Force of two Cruisers, three Battle ships and a Battle Cruiser is screening a convoy(s) somewhere to the north.
 A German force of two Battleships, two Battle Cruisers and two Heavy Cruisers
  Long range contact is made with radar but with out visual sightings we are not able to fire.
 I have some issues with my maneuvers early on hitting an ice berg...
 and two ships nearly collide (I wanted to show you how badly I missestimated my maneuvers
 The ships seem so close but the subarctic air is still thick with fog and rain.
 Then shapes loom out of the fog!
 The British land several lucky hits on the Bismark but..
 There Cruisers take a worse pounding from the German battery...
 The Exeter is especially hard hit taking damage to its hull and engineering
 HMS Hood takes aim at the German Cruisers
 Germans launch torpedoes... hitting Hood.
 Prince Eugen takes multiple hits... most go low to the hull but her crew keeps her afloat somehow.
 The British Cruises are hit multiple times. Suffolk goes down with a critical hit to her bulkhead and multiple hull hits.
 Luttow is on fire and Prince Eugen has taken damage to her rudder (which her skillful crew repair) .
 An almost gratuitous number of hits land on Exeter.
 Sinking her  Bismark and Tirpitz are both taking hit.  Bismark takes hits low slowing her but her weapons are undamaged.  Tirpitz take an engine hit but is other wise in good shape
 Torpedoes fired by the Gneisenau hits the Valiant
 Hood takes enough damage form the Crippled Lutzow  that she goes down
 Bismark repairs her bulkhead damage just managing to stay a float.. she fires.. and hits the Rodney
 Rodney has lost two of her three turrets only the rear facing C turret still works...  Tirpitz slips off the table edge in the distance...
 Lutzow tries to ram the battle ships... but fails... she is burning.
 And is then smashed by fire from Warspite both of the old dreadnoughts are badly damaged by German fire.
 Gneisenau is ready to break north.. Scharnhorst is already off table Prince Eugen is preparing to die as is Bismark...
 Rodney's hull is ripped by the wreckage of the British cruisers and begins to go down her last shot will send Bismark to the bottom
Prince Eugan and Bismark sink but the take the Valiant with their last shots.  The Germans lost two cruisers, and a battle ship.  The Two German Battle Cruisers are still in excellent fighting trim, Tirpitz is still operational but only one main turret is functional still she can easily out pace the shot up Warspite the only British ship to survive.  The British lost two Battle ships, a Battle Cruiser and two Cruisers.  A clear German win how big the win is will depend on how much damage is done in the shipping lanes. The real looser (other then the men bobbing in the frigid waters) are probably the Marries on Guadalcanal as some panicked calls for more us naval support in the the Atlantic are going form London to Washingto.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Angel of Sorrows- attacking

I'm sure you recall my excellent Well of Dreams and Sorrows made by Things From the Basement and the angle I painted to stand on top of it.
Hell here is her sister ready to attack, my plan is to take the one off the top and use this one to represent the animated statue chasing intrepid adventurers around Frostgrave.
I used the same painting approach here dark (almost black) gray and then layers of lighter gray for surface stuff.
I figured this would be a good time to show folks how well my water-effects came out in final form.